OOPS! I’m a lady.

Photo by Yonas Bekele

“Why are you in a hoodie, and you wore no lipstick,” whispered Eve. “Your fragrance is daytime; we use evening scents for a night out.” Shouted Daisy seemingly concerned. It had been almost two years since I had last gone for a lady’s night out. Life must have passed me by trying to balance between maintaining a healthy career and a happy family. Eve looked glamourous. She had her make-up done professionally and her flower-themed six-inch heel matched her leather handbag. “Nice shoe Eve, you look gorgeous.” I complimented. “Thanks, they cost me $1700.” I immediately equated that figure to a whole month’s grocery shopping and a few gallons of fuel.

What had my life turned into? At only 27 years old I was living the life of an ancient 60-year-old. I had lost touch with fashion, lifestyle, healthy living, social living and almost all emerging trends. I wore jeans and a hoodie to a girl’s night out because I realized a little too late that all my chic dresses were now a size or two smaller. It had been months since I last worked out. Isn’t it more resourceful to babysit my three children than to spend time working out? I work on 8-5 shift six days a week, when I am supposed to meet friends and catch up. Isn’t it more resourceful to spend my day off preparing for my next work week as well as the kids school week? I had everything figured out, right…..? Errr…..Wrong! I am a lady and despite everything I needed to live like one. But how?


‘By taking care of myself, I have so much more to offer the world than when I am running empty.’ Ali Washington. If you lose yourself for whatever reason, you lose everything else. A wife, a mother, a daughter, an employee, an entrepreneur etc. are all titles affiliated to me. The titles won’t be mine without me, but I would still be me even without all those titles. I came up with a list of ways to help me prioritize myself which I found achievable and life changing.

Dedicate 20 minutes a day to what makes you happy- It could be reading a blog, listening to music, meditating, calling a friend. This will not take away any productivity from you, as from my experience, it increases my productivity.

Don’t compare- Comparison is the happiness thief. You are doing your best so run your own race.

Exercise and eat right- The right body shape feels good, right? It lies within the reach of exercise and eating right.

Treat yourself- Buying yourself a bouquet of flowers doesn’t hurt. It’s occasional anyway, neither would a shoe-handbag package without equating the expenditure to groceries. You deserve it.

Sleep- The benefits of quality sleep are bountiful. Forget the world for a while and just take a nap. At least for your beautiful face.


Running away from toxic attitudes is as good as avoiding poisonous foods. Toxicity could come from anywhere, be it colleagues, family, neighbors, or friends. It doesn’t matter who gives you that negative energy, it is okay to disconnect from them, cut them off and save yourself the poison directed to your soul.

‘Honey, you recently look like girl I fell in love with and married 6 years ago.’ George whispered to my ear as he kissed my cheek on Monday morning. I knew I had no reason to worry about his office secretary anymore. This was just a month after I started using the above ways.

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