The 6 Things That Matter Most in Life

Saumu Kamau
5 min readFeb 17, 2022
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Life is short is the most cliché statement I have heard. Along the way it lost its meaning, but recently, I have realized that it’s the most truthful statement I have heard. Humans may have a longer lifespan than most animals, but have you ever thought that even a mayfly, with a lifespan of only 24 hours could have lived a more fulfilling life than most human adults?

This is mainly because we are too busy doing the things that don’t matter.

Waking up, going to work, stepping out for lunch, taking evening classes, growing your business, picking your kids from school, and going back home is the daily cycle for most of us.

A story is told of a fisherman who lived in a small coastal town. He would spend his morning fishing and his mid-morning market selling his fish and buying the commodities he needed. He would then spend his afternoon under a palm tree chatting with his wife and playing with his children. In the evening, he would sip some wine and play guitar with his friends.

One day, a tourist who had visited the island convinced him to turn his fishing business into a large-scale multinational fish firm. These would be achieved by working harder all day and most nights instead of lazing under a palm tree. Eventually he will have millions of dollars and will retire wealthy.

After a lot of thinking the fisherman asked, what will I do when I retire after years of hard work, sleepless nights, and unmatched stress? “Then you will live in a small coastal town, play with your kids, fish a little, stroll the village and sip some wine with friends in the evening.” Answered the tourist. The fisherman smiled.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have on earth, how much money you made or how much attention you received. While our wants and priorities may differ, there are some vital things that lead to a life of fulfilment.

Prayer and meditation

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Meditating on God’s word involves spending time with Him. You must be very intentional with your prayers to attain the benefits. By setting time to do this everyday you become more creative, reduce anxiety hence creating profound happiness and emotional stability.

Spend Time with Your Family

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I work in a busy office and the only time I would only get to check my social sites and respond to personal emails, was in the evening when I got home. By the time I was done, my children would be in bed. I would have missed having dinner with the rest of the family as well. Recently, I started slotting 30 minutes in between my lunch-hour for that and from then I have been spending quality time with my family. I have also resolved to visit or host extended family once a month as most people only meet extended family at events or funerals.

Maintaining Good Health

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With good health everything is possible. Most of us take health for granted until something life changing happens and our health is put at risk. Always remember to practice self-care by eating right, exercising, and only opening your mind to positivity. Avoid negative stress. Being always mentally present, being kinder to yourself and taking time to manage your thoughts has proved to maintain mental health.

Continuous Learning

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There is a concept called neuroplasticity, which I can summarize as the ability of your brain to expand more to accommodate knowledge without limit. Knowledge is a larger concept than formal education. You can learn skills, personal development, spirituality among other million and one things. Learning has no limit. I have recently been learning about mindfulness, and this is one of the most important skills I have acquired. What is shocking is that I did not know such lessons even exist. The more you learn the more invaluable you become.


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The main purpose for us on earth is to love. Love is the most powerful force on earth. Through love we achieve happiness, motivation to keep living, positivity, mercy, and forgiveness. Lets learn how to love ourselves, love one another, love life, love each moment we experience. Just imagine a world where everyone loves everyone else.


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New atmospheres bring peace. Travel is a stress buster, blows away sadness, pain, and bad memories. Believe it or not depression fears new places. Studies show that people who travel more are calmer and have more self-control. Travel doesn't need to be an expensive vacation, it can be a drive to a new town.

Don't let life pass you by when you are busy making life plans. Start living today.



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