Will Tomorrow Be Better Than Today?

Worrying about the future and anticipating its troubles steals the joy of today.

Saumu Kamau
3 min readJun 27, 2022
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A Better tomorrow is a mirage. Every time you think that you are about to get to the sheet of water on a hot road, it shifts further. Eventually you never get to the oasis because the water was never there in the first place.

Every single day that passes by, we ask ourselves where we want to be in a couple of years. We already have in mind the life we would want to have and are excited and looking forward to achieving our goals.

Celebrating Wins

Days, weeks, months and even years pass. Gradually we achieve all the goals we set, or at least most of them. As this happens we are busy setting other goals that we hardly realize or celebrate our gradual wins. After the couple of years have passed, we still ask ourselves the same question. “Where do we want to be in the next couple of years.”

I wanted to graduate high school so bad so that I could join campus and do whatever I wanted. I joined campus and all I thought of is how I would get a job and buy whatever I wanted. I got a job and all I wanted was to start investing in different projects. Not once have I looked back, patted my self and celebrated any of my accomplishments.

The Happiness List

Until recently, I was in constant worry about all the goals I am yet to meet. All the projects I am yet to finish and even those that I am yet to start. I had a mental list of all the things I needed to gain in order to attain happiness.

Looking back, I have always had a mental happiness list. Eventually, I achieve all the things I thought I need to be happy but, I never achieve happiness. I don’t even realize that I have achieved them. I am busy worrying and generating a fresh happiness list.

Living in the present

I recently had a visitor who was fascinated by a piece of art hanging on my wall. He mentioned how the shades of green on the art complemented the color the wall. It wasn’t until then that I realized that the art I have hanged on my living room for years had beautiful and rare shades of green.

This was a wake up call to appreciate everything I have now. A couple of years back, I hoped that I could have them. I worked so hard for some. It calls for a daily celebration. Everyday is a happiness party.

We accomplish some of our goals gradually and move a step closer to achieving others. Let us no be so keen on moving the goal post that we forget to celebrate the goals scored from the previous post.

Today is the only thing that we are sure of, tomorrow is never promised. Live life everyday and make it beautiful.

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